Who’s JD and what’s all this about?

Hi, my name’s Jeff Dowsing and I live in Melbourne, the sporting capital of the whole goddamn universe (haven’t you heard?).

My full time gig is sports marketing and communications, having completed a Bachelor of Sports Management degree back when Pearl Jam was worth listening to.  Previously I’ve worked in sport development roles at a more grassroots level.

In terms of playing sport, the phrase ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ comes to mind.  And when it comes to watching sport, I’ve suffered an unfortunate obsessive Collingwood disorder since the age of five.  I’m also a keen cricket fan but I struggle to find time to watch much else, though I’m naturally interested in the administration and marketing side of sport – and what makes athletes tick.

Literary influences?  Is it really so strange to cite Morrissey and his exquisite turn of phrase as an inspiration?  Gideon Haigh and Greg Baum ain’t too shabby either, so far as actual sports writers go.

Besides writing, I also like to dabble in photography.

OK, so that’s the boring formalities out the way, where I try and establish a semblance of credibility.

Anyway, a few years ago an excursion to the cricket compelled me to compose my first fully formed rant, with proper grammar and everything.  I felt so much better – and even more so when on a whim I emailed it to Inside Sport magazine and, lo and behold, the kind editor made ‘Killjoys‘ a lead feature.

How easy is this I thought?  Well, it’s not, and being published as a freelancer – and getting paid for it – is a caper fraught with frustration and disappointment.  But what started as a hobby fast became a minor obsession that keeps pulling me back to the keyboard.

But rather than let all these rants fester on my personal hard drive, I’ve assembled them here on my blog.  What an original idea!

My ramblings relate to a wide range of sporting subjects (and some non-sporty stuff); from what fascinates to what infuriates me.  Most have been published elsewhere online or by Inside Sport, The Sunday Age or mX.

Now that you’ve miraculously happened upon JD’s Sport Rants amid the other 200 million blogs in cyberspace, I hope you find something of interest.  Perhaps you’ll even nod your head in agreeance as you read, or maybe you’ll want to respond with a rant of your own.  I don’t mind, I like a healthy debate.

Come by, follow me and/or send your friends anytime.  There is sure as hell plenty of room!


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4 thoughts on “Who’s JD and what’s all this about?”

  1. Jeff, Enjoy the site. Wonder if you can drop me a line at the email address attached when you get a moment … Thanks, Charlie

  2. Jeff, Christian from China TV. Love yr work. In Melbourne from tomorrow (Tuesday 3rd) morning. Any chance you can drop me a line as well! details below.

    Thanks mate.

  3. Always thought provoking Jeff, though I am partial to the uncensored no-holds-barred version over on LSD! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Vic, I am also partial to the unfiltered version found on LSD!

      How good was yesterday? One of those memorable H&A ‘wins for the ages’ over the filth, like when Starce buried them in the last qtr back in ’88. We might have to strap ourselves in for another long ride this year, good signs so far with new players stepping up.

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